Keeping counterfeit parts out of the supply chain is where Vectronix starts

Vectronix Counterfeit Prevention

The Vectronix Experience offers 100% customer satisfaction

Keeping counterfeit parts out of the supply chain is where Vectronix starts. The Vectronix Experience  gives you the comfort of knowing your product is coming from secure supply chains.  Complete prevention is  impossible however,  following our strict standards and guidelines as well as evolving  and training consistently, we strive to stop counterfeits before they start.  Reducing the impacts  of counterfeits  is key to the industry.  Vectronix staff has the mind set to give 100%quality and 100% customer satisfaction.  It is our job to try and eliminate the amount of money spent and time lost on counterfeit parts.

When the word counterfeit is used, it covers an array of product  traveling in the industry today.  Counterfeiting today can include re-marking of parts which could have been stolen or disposed of. Non- working parts can be made to look new.  Some counterfeiters will duplicate a product from an original design or mold of course, illegally. Counterfeiting is at an all time high. Their techniques on counterfeiting are improving as our counterfeiting detection is as well.

Counterfeit Prevention should be taken seriously as it can destroy the industry as a whole. Strict guidelines and specific protocol have to be put in to place  and followed.  Vectronix demands nothing but the best and we ensure that all guidelines are followed. Vectronix makes counterfeit prevention our top priority so that they don’t make it into our supply chain and to our customers. We feel that even the suspect of counterfeit parts  should be reported and handled appropriately.

Maintaining  and having reliable sources for our electronic component purchases is our belief at Vectronix. We want you , the end user, to know that we are always looking out for you. It is in our best interest to keep you happy and that is what we strive to do.